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The Agility tests are designed to avoid asking for a fixed requirement from the player, thus giving the player the possibility to pass the test or continue an event depending only on his speed to press the buttons in the required order.


You have a few seconds before the first number appears, each number has a bar that represents the time remaining to identify the failure of that number. Then the next number will appear.

With less than level two Agility with a single failure the agility test is considered lost. With more than level two, one failure is allowed, i.e. with two failures the test is considered failed. In any case it is necessary to hit 4 numbers (marked in green) to pass the agility tests.

The remaining time will be longer the higher the player’s Agility level.



The mini-game based on the Dexterity skill is the lock picker. It is used to open doors in night events and to access other characters’ houses. In the future it will have other functions.


At the beginning of each mini lock pick game the opening area is randomly determined. The objective is to find the zone where the lock can be turned the most until it opens. Failing the zone will subtract life from the lock pick. When it reaches 0 the event will be considered as failed.

The higher the character’s Dexterity level, the less life the lock pick loses.

Cynthia’s Missions


Cynthia’s missions are another way to earn extra money and improve your relationship with Cynthia, if the missions are successfully completed. You can also be penalized if you fail to meet the objective or if there’s too much damage.

To access these missions, you must have completed Cynthia’s Event 3.

LS Cards


This is a mini-game designed to earn money by placing bets against other Under Control players and the AI. The game consists of two sides at the moment. Which at the moment are not relevant.

How to Play:

Game Start:

  • At the beginning, you’ll receive 8 random cards. In future updates, you’ll be able to manage your own decks.
  • You can review your cards and decide whether to play with them or swap all of them up to two times.


  • It’s randomly decided who starts the game.
  • Players alternate playing a card. The turn automatically switches after each player plays a card.
  • A player can choose to end the current round by pressing the “End turn” button.


  • The game is won by securing two victories out of three rounds.
  • At the end of a round, the player with the most total points wins that round. A tie awards a victory to both players.

Board: The board is split into two: the player’s side (blue) and the enemy’s side (red). Each side has three rows.

On each side there are three rows, represented as first row, second row and third row.

First row Second row Third row


  • Each card has a level indicating the points it contributes to the player.
  • Cards act on one of the three board rows: first, second, or third.
  • Some cards have special abilities that affect gameplay.

This card adds 9 points to the board of the player who casts it. It acts on the third line of the board and is a card with the Assassin ability. During the game you can press the white button below the number of each charge (i) to see the information of each charge.

Each card has a designated area where it acts. Within these 3 lines. Some cards also have abilities like for example:

Cards with Leader ability, each side has two leaders, one stronger than the other. Leaders give +1 to all members of their army. Leaders cannot be killed nor can their points be altered in any way.

Medic, the cards with this ability will heal one of the strongest cards that are dead on the board. In this way the healed card will add its points back to the player.
Assassin, cards with this ability will kill the strongest enemy card of any line. It mainly targets cards with the Encourage ability. If the enemy has any card with the Defense ability, it will be the card that will be sacrificed to save the killer’s target card.
Defense, cards with this ability are escorts and will sacrifice themselves to defend their line from any attack. If an Assassin has a target this card is sacrificed to save the target card.
Spies, cards with this ability are thrown into the enemy field, so they add their points to the enemy. On the other hand, they get to return 3 random extra cards to the caster.
Companion, they are units that work best together. When more than one of these cards are present, +2 is added for each of them. Making these combinations some of the strongest for scoring points.
Front line attacker, these cards have a devastating entry killing instantly the strongest card of the enemy front line.
Second line attacker, these cards have a powerful ranged attack, they will automatically kill the strongest card of the enemy second line.
Encourage,cards with this ability provide +2 to all cards in their line, regardless of which side they are on. They are the main target of cards with the Assassin ability.

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