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Version 0.1.16A

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  • New event with Jazzmin at the coffee shop.
  • New mechanics related to home life with Jazzmin.
  • Interface for managing the renovation and furnishing of the spare room in Mark’s apartment.
  • Mechanics to manage the rooms of your roommates. Currently, only Jazzmin is available, but this will apply to other girls in the future.
  • New items in the house belonging to Jazzmin.
  • Features for conversations that consider the relationship with characters (Karma System).
  • Conversation features with roommates based on their comfort level living with Mark.
  • Jazzmin can now sleep on the house sofa.
  • Mechanics to manage Jazzmin’s daily life in the house.
  • New nighttime event.
  • Inventory system in preparation for future events requiring objects.
  • New game (LS Cards) accessible from Mark’s computer.
  • Betting mechanic in LS Cards to earn money.
  • 36 new cards in LS Cards for varied outcomes.
  • 9 new abilities in LS Cards. More details are inside each card.
  • Patreons receive bonuses in LS Cards (Windows) when they win bets, ranging from 10% to 60% based on their tier.
  • New soundtrack titled “Pleiades”.
  • Vertical synchronization and FPS limit for improved performance.
  • Tiered rewards for Patreons. More details coming soon.
  • Redesigned acknowledgments section, updated online monthly.


  • Adjusted the Patreon connection function for Windows to improve performance and adapt to Patreon’s V2 system.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred in the first night event with Veronica.
  • Save file errors fixed for compatibility from version 0.1.14A onwards.
  • Fixed a bug in the second event of Veronica, when you have the relationship with Veronica is in negative you couldn’t open the door of her house with the picklock.
  • Fixed game freezing issues, especially on some Android devices.
  • Fixed a save error that prevented some players from progressing in Veronica’s story.
  • Fixed a save error that prevented some players from progressing in Jazzmin’s story.
  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred when the game checked for a new version.
  • Fixed a transition error between scenes that could prevent the player from entering the destination.
  • Fixed an animation glitch that consumed more resources than necessary.
  • Corrected a trigger error for the start of the first event with Jazzmin.
  • Improvements and adjustments in the interface design.


  • Important change in terms of decisions with the characters.
  • Relationships and actions with characters are now tied to the karma system. Actions and future interactions (from 0.1.17A) will vary based on your relationship with these characters.
  • Updated response mode of Patreon V2 for Windows.
  • Changes in the impact of having a higher level of Dexterity making it easier to open locks.
  • Previously required fixed attributes like Strength or Agility, preceded by a mini-game, are no longer needed. Now, only the mini-game needs to be completed to continue.
  • Changes in the order of the characters within the “Status” window on Mark’s computer.
  • Reduced the FPS rate to improve performance on less powerful devices.
  • Removed mini-games from event replays. They will only appear during the story development of that specific playthrough.
  • Minor text and interface corrections.
  • Updated acknowledgments.

Written by: Slusiom

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