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Version 0.1.18A



New Features Added (Preliminary version 0.1.18):

  1. Hot Tub Options (Tamara) – (Postponed): A new interaction in the bathroom will be added.
  2. Night Event with Veronica: Completion of the first part of the third nocturnal event.
  3. Missions with Cynthia: New missions available to collaborate with Cynthia.
  4. Lip Sync Animation (English Only): Implemented a system to animate characters with lip synchronization.
  5. New Events and Animations: Tamara Event 1: New animations.
    Henry Event 1 (Postponed): New animations.
    Hanna Event 1: New animations.
    Cynthia Event 1: New animations.
  6. Events with Jazzmin: Shower event with two different versions.
    Breakfast event (Postponed).
    Lunch event (Postponed).
  7. Inventory Interface (Postponed): Added a new interface to view the character’s inventory.
  8. Event in Cynthia’s Workshop: Introduced a new event in this location. It might not be compatible with previous versions, but I hope to fix that soon.
  9. Animations for Main Menu Backgrounds: Improvements and new animations.
  10. Animation Speed Control: Animations can now be accelerated or slowed down.
  11. New Area in Cynthia’s Workshop: Access to an unexplored area.
  12. Accessibility of Cynthia’s House: Now accessible during the day, not just at night.

Fixes and Optimizations:

  1. Event Error Corrections: Fixed errors in events Henry2, Jennifer1, Jeanne (events 1 and 3), and Hanna 1.
  2. Conversation Panel Improvements: Resolved an issue with decreasing font size during conversations.
  3. Mission Guide and Wiki Corrections: Rectified errors in the guide and wiki, especially regarding the Herd event and Hanna 2.
  4. Save System Optimization: Minor errors in the save system corrected.
  5. Writing Speed Configuration: Resolved an issue that prevented saving this configuration.

Changes and Improvements:

  1. Redesign of the Workshop and Cynthia’s House: Aesthetic and functional changes to enhance gameplay experience.
  2. Conversation Code Restructuring: Deep changes in the code for more efficient management, though new animation errors might occur.
  3. Recreation of Veronica’s Event 2 (Postponed): Improvements and complete redesign of this event.
  4. Interface Adjustments: Improvements in various interface windows for a better user experience.
  5. Logo and Acknowledgements Update: New logos included (such as Patreon and X) and the acknowledgements section updated.
  6. Text and Interface Corrections: Minor corrections made to optimize understanding and interaction.

Written by: Slusiom

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