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Version 0.1.19A




  • New Christmas Event: Available during December until January 8th.
  • Subscribestar: For those who support the development on Subscribestar, you will also be mentioned in the acknowledgements.
  • New Tutorial System in 3 Languages: Preparation of tutorials for other aspects of the game.
  • Tutorial for Game Start: For new games.
  • Tutorial for Options in Conversations.
  • Load Game from ESC Menu: Without returning to the main menu.
  • Redesign of Game Options: Divided into 3 categories: resolution and quality, sound, and others. Individual voice control in sound (Note: “High Quality”, “Visual Effects” and “Voices” volume not yet applicable in this version).
  • Option to Adjust Mini Game Difficulty: In the “Others” section. Affects the requirement to level up skills.
  • Optimization in Android Version: Adaptation to all resolutions, compatibility with any aspect ratio, some scenes in full screen.
  • Function to Hide Conversation Panel: Improves scene visualization.
  • Conversation Animations for Cynthia’s Texts.
  • Sound for Character Messages.
  • New Notification for New Items in Inventory.
  • Russian Language in Configuration Options: Implemented in various circumstances.
  • Events in Russian, Spanish, and French: Over 10 events available.
  • New Skill Management: Adapts to difficulty options, possibility to level up multiple levels at once.


  • Errors in Animations: Some flaws in animation loops.
  • Changes in Translation of Interface and Other Elements.
  • Changes in Saving Configurations.
  • Correction of Error in Pinger Map: Incorrect link in employee area door.
  • Errors Loading Game from Another Game: Mostly corrected.
  • Error in Transition Scene (Scene Loading).
  • Improvements in lip sync Event Management on Android: To enhance performance.


  • Jeanne Event 1: Revised text, now available in Spanish.
  • Modified Color in Jazzmin’s Conversations.
  • Compression of Multimedia Files: Weight reduction up to 30%.
  • Text Fonts for Russian Language.
  • Changes in Maximum Crane Rotation for Cynthia’s Missions.
  • Improvements in Crane and Car Collisions: Optimization for less resourceful devices.
  • Increased Crane Detection Radius.
  • Reduction of EXP Points Required for Leveling Up: Halved.
  • Changes and Corrections in Cynthia Event 1.
  • Changes and Corrections in Prologue Text.
  • Adjustment of Maximum Betting Range in LSCards.
  • Minor Corrections in Texts and Interface.
  • Updated Acknowledgments.

Written by: Slusiom

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