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Version 0.1.20A



New Features:

  • I completed the first part of the third nighttime event with Veronica. This marks the completion of the third event with Veronica and represents a crucial turning point in the dynamics among Veronica, Dianne, and Mark for future events.
  • Introduced a new event with Jazzmin during breakfast.
  • Added a new function when selecting the No-Minigames difficulty level that allows skipping the lockpicking and agility minigames.
  • Implemented a new reward system to facilitate benefits and optimize economic management upon reaching goals and completing tasks.
  • Developed a mechanic based on quickly identifying interactive elements. Pressing the corresponding icon or text bubble will execute the described action. Unlike before, this new mechanic allows for viewing interactive elements across the entire map.
  • Added the functionality to skip dialogues through the ‘Skip’ button in the conversation panel.
  • Added the new events with Jazzmin to the status panel.
  • Incorporated voice in certain events on an experimental basis (Hanna 1 and Veronica 1).
  • New button to check the character’s skills without needing to access the game menu.
  • Improved the display of skill progress during training or related activities.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • I resolved errors that hindered Jazzmin’s integration into the home, allowing the possibility of having different roommates in the future and enabling me to create events for developing this character at home.
  • Solved issues related to variability in Android device resolutions.
  • Rebuilt the conversation system to eliminate an error that displayed previous animations, especially on less powerful devices. In the case of slow loading, a transition screen will be displayed until complete loading.
  • Fixed a bug in Jazzmin’s shower event.
  • Fixed an error in the map transition that could result in an empty scene.
  • Fixed a collision error in street exits during missions for Cynthia.
  • Readjusted the betting limit in LSCards.
  • Made minor corrections in the lockpicking minigames and in LSCards.
  • Fixed an error in the Agility minigame where, on some devices, it was necessary to press the buttons. The system is designed for dragging, although it also accepts taps or clicks. Simply passing over the activated button in the sequence is sufficient.
  • Solved a problem that caused the activation of multiple dialogue lines when pressing the spacebar.
  • Optimized the dialogue system to reduce device resource consumption.
  • Fixed an error in the save files that prevented loading games from version 0.1.18 onwards.
  • Made corrections in the texts of the Veronica 4 and Jazzmin 1 events.


  • Updated the handling of events with and without character voices.
  • Redesigned the main panel to improve memory management.
  • Significantly reduced the requirements to improve skills (not compatible with saves before version 0.1.20A).
  • Adjusted the conditions to start the event with Henry, Dianne, and Veronica in the TRT.
  • Modified the functionality of the ‘Auto’ button in conversations to wait until the end of an animation before proceeding. (In testing)
  • Adjusted the availability of the ‘AUTO’ and ‘NEXT’ buttons in the conversation panel according to the new system incorporating the ‘SKIP’ function.
  • The Christmas 2023 event has been unlocked for everyone, although it requires Jazzmin to be living with you. It will be accessible from the ‘Status’ panel on the PC.
  • Improved the management of graphic resources and textures to prevent failures and freezes.
  • The option to show active elements in the main panel will remain activated persistently in all areas of the scene.
  • Made changes in some containers to improve performance and prevent errors.
  • Minor corrections in texts and interface.
  • Updated acknowledgments.

Written by: Slusiom

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