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Cynthia’s Events



Cynthia 1


In order to start this event you must have completed the Henry 1 event.

This event can be found in QCars when you try to enter the dealership during the day.


Cynthia 2


The second event with Cynthia will occur starting the morning after your last visit. This event is important for future upgrades. It is recommended to attend the event with at least two levels of Intelligence.

This event will start when you travel to QCars and try to access Cynthia’s Workshop.

Cynthia 3


The third event with Cynthia will begin while you are at home during the day, within the next 48-72 hours after completing Cynthia 2 event.

In the call, Cynthia will ask you to come to the workshop, and the event will continue once you go to QCars and enter Cynthia’s workshop.

Note: This event is not compatible with savegames from versions prior to 0.1.18A. If this event does not occur in your game it is because you are using a previous savegame. Start a new game.

Night Events 1


The night events with Cynthia will be available once you finish the Cynthia 2 event. From now on you can access Cynthia’s house at night.

To access this event you have to access Cynthia’s house and pass the lock pick mini-game.

Night Events 2


To access the next night event with Cynthia, at least one day must have passed since the previous event and the previous event must have been completed. (Passing the agility test to not wake up Cynthia)

To access this event you have to access Cynthia’s house and pass the lock pick mini-game.

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