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Version 0.1.17A

today07/10/2023 1


With a slight delay, I’m finally bringing you the latest update. This version took more effort than usual due to an error that deleted several events, which meant I had to redo a significant portion of them. I’ll continue working to release a stable version with the content I have planned.

Thank you for your continued patience. A big thanks to those who take a moment to provide feedback; it's because of you that I keep working on the game 💜💜💜

Below is the changelog for version 0.1.17A.

New Features:

  1. New Wiki on the Web I’ve set up a wiki on where you can find all the information about events, characters, locations, mini-games, and more.
  2. Now you can progress through conversations just by pressing the spacebar, making it easier to play with one hand.
  3. New event to continue the main story, introducing Herd and Paul for the first time.
  4. New event with Veronica. (This event is not compatible with savegames from versions prior to 0.1.17A.)
  5. Added a new information button on the PC to view event requirements, locations, and recommendations.
  6. New interactions with Jazzmin at home. (Delayed due to errors found)
  7. New event management system in Unity, which will allow me to create better and faster events in any language.
  8. Access to the TRT location.
  9. New object to be used in TRT area.
  10. New minor event in the TRT. (Where the new object acquired in Veronica 5 event can be used)
  11. Added new help button for the lock-pick mini-game.
  12. Added new help button for the Agility mini-game.
  13. Added new help button for the LSCards game.
  14. Special Recognition: In the Acknowledgements section, a new medal for special mentions has been added, for all those who are no longer Patreon but have made significant contributions to the project.


  1. To fix bugs that were carried over from versions 0.1.13 and 0.1.14 I recommend starting a new game, as many bugs are carried over from those versions. (For now, game saves from previous versions are still supported.).
  2. Improvements in the performance of the Gallery.
  3. Improved animations, I have improved the fluidity and many animations have been recreated to look more natural.
  4. Fixed a bug that didn’t allow the player to leave the cafeteria when he wanted to start the first event with Jazzmin.
  5. Fixed a bug that caused Jazzmin to be in several places at the same time, because she was always asleep on the sofa.
  6. Fixed a bug that caused the Jazzmin 1 event to repeat constantly.
  7. Fixed a bug that marked a mission available in Coffee Shop even when there is no mission available.
  8. Fixed a bug that let you see the start of previous animations when loading a new one.
  9. Fixed an error that generated information conversations, like those that appear after failing the lockpick or agility mini-game dozens of times, ending with the resources of mobile devices.
  10. Fixed a bug where the shopping menu of the empty room remained open or locked in some cases
  11. An error in the closing times of Pinger, Powfit and the Coffee shop has been corrected.
  12. Fixed an error in LSCards that could match in games that did not accept bets even when the player asked to search for games with bets.
  13. Fixed a bug that could not detect when someone presses the buttons in the mini agility game.
  14. Fixed an internal error in the event system that could cause the repetition of events or agility tests when not appropriate.


  1. Most Update() functions have been removed to avoid freezes on devices with fewer resources and on Android.
  2. Changed the Dexterity lvl 2 requirement from Tamara 1 event, now it will only ask for Dexterity lvl 1.
  3. Reduced options that led to nothing in night events.
  4. Changes in the triggers of the events that occur at home to improve game performance (Henry, Jennifer, and Veronica).
  5. Changed the size of the salon video console panel to make it easier to use on mobile devices.
  6. Improved visibility of pending events. Also added a link to the wiki in case more information is needed about a specific event.
  7. Redesigned the size of the Gallery slots in the main menu.
  8. Improved the Agility mini-game, now it detects better the keystrokes / clicks and the level affects more intensely the time of each button.
  9. Recreated the Jeanne 2 event due to errors in rendering and animations.
  10. Minor corrections in texts and interface.
  11. Updated the acknowledgements

Written by: Slusiom

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