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Imagination Events

There are several events that belong to the main character’s imagination. To access them, certain requirements are necessary:

Veronica: To access her imaginary events, it’s necessary to complete Veronica 2 event.
Tamara: To access her imaginary events, it’s necessary to complete Tamara 2 event.

Access to these events is in the bathroom, by clicking on the whirlpool tub.

Katta 1


The first event with Katta takes place after completing the Jennifer 1 event.

To access the event you have to travel to Pinger’s offices. At the reception you will find Katta.

Lily 1


Lily‘s first event is unlocked after completing the Katta 1 event.

In the same Pinger’s offices you will go up in the elevator and find Lily.

Henry 1


Henry‘s first event does not need to be unlocked.

To access this event you must travel to the Coffee Shop.

Henry 2


The second event with Henry requires you to be formally employed at Pinger. So you must have completed the Hanna 1 event.

To access this event you must be home any day after 20:00, the trigger would be to move by Mark’s living room or bedroom.

William 1


The first event with William will occur 24 hours after you start the game.

You will find William when you return home from the street.

Herd 1


This event will occur upon completion of the Hanna 3 event. Between 24 and 48 hours later.

To start this event it is necessary to go to Pinger to work, right at the work station (Computer in the offices).

Gabriela 1


This event currently only occurs when you accept the TRT VIP access card offered by Veronica in exchange for the money she borrowed for her move.

This event is available at the TRT by entering the VIP Zone.

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