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Katta 1


The first event with Katta takes place after completing the Jennifer 1 event.

To access the event you have to travel to Pinger’s offices. At the reception you will find Katta.

Lily 1


Lily‘s first event is unlocked after completing the Katta 1 event.

In the same Pinger’s offices you will go up in the elevator and find Lily.

Henry 1


Henry‘s first event does not need to be unlocked.

To access this event you must travel to the Coffee Shop.

Henry 2


The second event with Henry requires you to be formally employed at Pinger. So you must have completed the Hanna 1 event.

To access this event you must be home any day after 20:00, the trigger would be to move by Mark’s living room or bedroom.

William 1


The first event with William will occur 24 hours after you start the game.

You will find William when you return home from the street.

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