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Mark’s apartment consists of seven rooms, each with its unique features and activities:

  1. Hallway: This serves as the access point to both Veronica’s apartment and Mark’s living room.
  2. Garage: Here, you can check the details of the owned vehicle.
  3. Living Room: A multifunctional space where you can:
    • Play on the console.
    • Watch TV to relax.
    • Train your Dexterity skill with the Rubik’s cube.
  4. Mark’s Bedroom: A personal space where you can:
    • Sleep to rest.
    • Wait for an hour sitting on the chair.
    • Study to enhance your Intelligence skill.
    • Access the PC to:
      • Manage the statuses of all characters. (Relationships and events)
      • View the acknowledgment panel. (To see credits and special mentions)
      • Play LS Cards. (A game for entertainment and potential rewards).


  5. Kitchen: A place to prepare and enjoy meals. Here, you can:
    • Cook.
    • Have a snack.
    • Train with the Rubik’s cube.
  6. Bathroom: Essential for Mark’s personal care. You can:
    • Freshen up.
    • Shower or bathe to improve hygiene.
  7. Roommates’ Bedroom: Currently empty, this room allows you to manage its purchase and restoration.

The Coffee Shop comprises four areas and operates from Monday to Saturday, opening at 08:00 and closing at 19:00. (8:00 AM – 7:00 PM)

  1. Street: Here, you can encounter the start of various events, some of which are scheduled.
  2. Interior: Within this space, you can find Henry or Jazzmin working. Additionally, it serves as the starting point for certain events.
  3. Restrooms: Currently, these are not accessible to players.
  4. Kitchen: This area is also not accessible for the time being.

The Powfit Gym consists of six areas and operates from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 22:00 (10:00 AM to 10:00 PM).

  1. Street: In upcoming updates, players will be able to find events here.
  2. Reception: This is where you register. Here, you can find events involving Tamara and, in the near future, with Jeanne.
  3. Machine Room: In this area, you can train your Strength and Agility skills. There are also two events located in this zone.
  4. Hallways: These corridors connect the different areas of the gym. There’s also a coffee machine where you can grab a drink to recover some energy and reduce hunger.
  5. Locker Rooms: Here, you can find events with Jeanne and Tamara. Additionally, showers are available to improve hygiene.
  6. Sauna: This is a relaxation zone where you can recover energy. An event with Jeanne and Tamara also takes place here.

Quality Cars or QCars is a car dealership operating from 08:00 to 20:00 (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM), Monday to Friday. It comprises three main areas:

  1. Street: From here, you can access the QCars showroom and Cynthia’s Workshop.
  2. Showroom: This area is dedicated to showcasing all available vehicles. You can purchase any of the displayed cars, each offering its unique advantages.
  3. Cynthia’s Workshop: A classic mechanic’s shop where several events involving Cynthia take place. This area also provides access to Cynthia’s house.

Pinger is where Hanna offers you employment. This location is open from Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 22: 00 (10:00 AM to 10:00 PM), and consists of eight distinct areas:

  1. Street: Currently, no events are available in this area.
  2. Reception: The first event with Katta takes place here, and it’s also where the elevator is located.
  3. Hallways: This corridor connects the general offices, Hanna and Herd’s offices, Lily’s reception, and the common area for employees.
  4. Offices: This space houses the workstations for most of the staff and the terminal where you can work daily. In future updates, it will also provide access to Jennifer’s office.
  5. Lily’s Reception: Located midway down the corridor, this area is where Lily and Paul can be found, catering to the needs of the company’s CEO, Herd.
  6. Hanna’s Office: As the name suggests, this is Hanna’s private office.
  7. Herd’s Office: This is the office of Pinger’s CEO, Herd.
  8. Common Area: A relaxation space for employees. Here, you can grab a bite, rest, and there’s a restroom for freshening up. (Note: The Common Area is not yet available).

Veronica’s apartment is located on the same floor as Mark’s and, for now, is only accessible during the evenings. This location consists of four rooms:

  1. Kitchen: Currently, there’s only one nighttime event available here. (Note: Night events with Veronica are available starting at 23:00/11:00 PM).
  2. Living Room: At the moment, only one event is available in this space. From the living room, you can also access the “Events with Veronica” panel.
  3. Bedroom: This is Veronica’s bedroom. Currently, there are no available activities or events in this room.
  4. Bathroom: Veronica’s bathroom is still under development. It will become relevant for future events.

Cynthia’s house is located within the workshop at the QCars location.

  1. Living-Dining Room: Currently, there are no events in this space. From the living room, you can access the Kitchen, Office, and Cynthia’s Bedroom. The “Night Events with Cynthia” panel is also located here.
  2. Kitchen: No events are available in this area at the moment.
  3. Office: While there are no events here currently, this space will become significant when Mark starts working for Cynthia.
  4. Bedroom: This is Cynthia’s bedroom, and there are no events available here for now.

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