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Support through Patreon

I use Patreon as a means to finance the effort and time I invest in the development of the game. Although my time is limited, the benefits granted to my Patreons are evident within the game, especially for those using Windows.

Benefits for Patreons:

  1. Increased Earnings in Pinger:
    • Users without Patreon: Base hourly pay of $21.
    • Patreons of tiers below Enthusiastic: Base hourly pay of $99.
    • Enthusiastic Tier: $150 per hour.
    • Passionate Tier: $300 per hour.
    • Lover Tier: $400 per hour.
    • Collaborator Tier: $1000 per hour.
  2. Exclusive Content in the Gallery: Although the content is currently limited due to my focus on game development, I plan to enrich the gallery with exclusive material for Patreons.
  3. Accelerated Progression: Patreons gain experience at a faster rate, allowing them to improve their skills more quickly.
  4. Recognition in the Credits: Anyone who contributes will be mentioned in the acknowledgments section unless they prefer otherwise. Only nicknames will be displayed, and if in doubt, I will contact them for confirmation.
  5. Highlights in Acknowledgments: The top three Patreons who have contributed the most are highlighted in this section, followed by others in order of contribution. Special mentions are also made to those who are no longer Patreons but made significant contributions.
  6. Bonuses in LS Cards: Depending on the membership level, Patreons receive bonuses on their bets:
    • Reader and Follower Tier: +10% extra.
    • Enthusiastic Tier: +30% extra.
    • Passionate, Lover, and Collaborator Tiers: +60% extra.
  7. Future Rewards:
    • Special Mention: Patreons awarded a “Special Mention” (represented by a medal with a crown on a thumbnail with their name) will receive a key for a free copy of the game on Steam.
    • Personalized Cards and Keychains: Patreons making significant contributions will receive personalized cards with their Patreon name and a special design. Additionally, they will be gifted a keychain featuring their favorite game character.

Patreon Tier Benefits

These benefits are available on the Patreon website at Patreon and on the Discord server.

Reader Tier:

  • Access to the Patreon feed.
  • In-game benefits.
  • Access to non-nude gallery.
  • Access to the latest version of the game!
  • A heartfelt thank you from me! 💜💜💜
  • Access to Discord.

Follower Tier:

  • All benefits from the Reader Tier.
  • Access to the nude gallery.
  • Access to the monthly development update.
  • Access to pre-release testing.
  • Access to the game 5 days before each update.

Enthusiastic Tier:

  • All benefits from the Follower Tier.
  • Enhanced in-game benefits.
  • Access to surveys.
  • Access to the game 10 days before each update.

Passionate Tier:

  • All benefits from the Enthusiastic Tier.
  • Further enhanced in-game benefits.
  • Access to an exclusive gallery with extra hot images and animations.
  • Voting in polls with double power.
  • Lifetime Discord role (Premium).
  • Added to the Special Thanks in the game’s credits.
  • Access to the game 15 days before the early access release.

Lover Tier:

  • All benefits from the Passionate Tier.
  • Access to private polls to decide the course of the story.
  • Once a month, you can request a render with characters from the game in a situation of your choice.

Collaborator Tier:

  • All benefits from the Lover Tier.
  • Access to private polls to decide the course of the story with double power.
  • Three times per month, you can request a rendering with characters from the game in the situation of your choice.

Lover and Collaborator Tier: The images requested by the user are generated for the user and will not be published as long as the user remains an active subscriber on Patreon or SubscribeStar. Once the user unsubscribes or downgrades their tier, the images may be published for the rest of the users.

About the Development:

I am the sole developer behind this project, working in my free time. The game will be free during the testing, alpha, and beta phases. Once I achieve the desired content level and correct the errors, I will release the final version with the complete first chapter, which will be available on both and Steam.

How can I register in the game with my Patreon account?

First, you need to be playing the Windows version. In that case, you will see a window with “Guest”. By clicking on this icon, you will be redirected to the Patreon page.

Once you’re on the Patreon website, the API will request authorization to share your data with the game, including your name and tier level. Since Patreon doesn’t provide an integrated API for Unity, I’ve developed one on my own. To receive authorization from Patreon, it’s essential to have port 9990 open on localhost (

Please note that this is currently only available for the Windows version of the game.

Written by: Slusiom

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