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What is coming in the next update?


  • Re-evaluation of stats consumption.
  • Changes in the time needed to train the skills
  • Changes in the most common travel times (Short and Medium)
  • Add new patreons to the hall of fame.
  • Changes in notifications to make them more direct (many people can’t find Jeanne).
  • You will be able to access all the completed events of your choice.


  • Fix a bug that occurs in the pc when you move windows.
  • Improve the start of the Henry 2 event. (To make the transition to Veronica 4 easier).
  • Text corrections in several events.
  • Corrections of errors that keep appearing.

Other improvements I am working on…

  • Show on the map where there is a pending event.
  • We are going to have roommates, starting with: Vote for a roommate.
  • New ways to increase skills.
  • More events and importance for Katta and Tamara.
  • New event with Jeanne
  • New interactions with Veronica.
  • Many people have been stuck or unable to complete some events. I am going to include a pdf walkthrough.

Written by: Slusiom

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