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Devlog April 2023

today24/04/2023 2


The following update is not a continuation of public version 0.1.08A. In this case we completely rebuild the game to make it better, taking advantage of the experience gained in the process and improving performance for operation on mobile devices.


  • New location “Veronica’s House”.
  • New location “Cynthia’s House”.
  • New location “Mechanic’s Workshop”.
  • New events available with Cynthia.
  • New event available with Jeanne.
  • New event available with Veronica.
  • Possibility of obtaining a free car in a new event.
  • New option to switch between 12/24-hour time formats.
  • New options for dialogue control, such as AUTO wait time or text typing time.
  • New available resolutions.
  • New audio manager to create different atmospheres according to need.
  • New save slots added to save and load game progress.
  • Implemented a mini-game based on the character’s Agility level.
  • New functions added that recommend using skills without obligation.
  • New lock-picking mechanic based on the character’s Dexterity skill.
  • Added the ability to visit two characters during nights.
  • Karma system added to all characters.
  • Map alert added to easily identify where an event is available.
  • Added a button to view main and secondary objectives on the top main bar.
  • The same button displays the number of available events still to complete.
  • A large number of new items have been added to the gallery.


  • Complete redesign of the main menu.
  • Complete redesign of the save/load game window.
  • Redesign of the information panel in the game.
  • Redesign of the options panel in conversations.
  • Complete redesign of the protagonist’s personal computer in the room.
  • Redesign and optimization of the system for navigating between different locations on the map.
  • Changes in skills, experience, and levels.
  • Changes in the way some locations are discovered.
  • Changes in the order of some events.
  • Changes in Veronica and Tamara’s Karma system.
  • Changes in Tamara 2 event renders due to a character faction error.
  • Changes in the costs of traveling from one point to another in the city.
  • Improved reward system for Patreons.
  • Compression of hundreds of images to reduce the game’s total size and optimize performance.
  • Change in vehicle selling prices (25%).
  • Complete redesign of the Hall of Fame, showing names and avatars in order according to the contribution made to the project.
  • Complete redesign of the computer in the room.
  • Re-balancing of the points required to increase the work bonus in Pinger.


  • Fixed an issue in the update system that prevented seeing the new version available.
  • Fixed an audio error that caused the music to stop.
  • Fixed an error that caused nightfall to occur later on some days.
  • Fixed the incorrect start of several events.
  • Fixed an issue in the gallery that prevented closing an animation.
  • Fixed an error in the information displayed during skill training.
  • Fixed an error on the map where the day or night was not updated according to the time.
  • Fixed an issue with the location panel that prevented closing them on some occasions.
  • Fixed an issue with the save system that caused some progress not to save correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the user interface that caused some buttons not to work correctly.
  • Fixed an error that caused some dialogues to display out of place.
  • Fixed an error that caused some animations not to play correctly.
  • Fixed an error that caused the game to freeze at certain moments.
  • Fixed the error that allowed spending money even when it wasn’t available.

In addition to these fixes, numerous minor errors have been solved to improve the gaming experience.

For patreons I will release the next version 0.1.12A in maximum 3 weeks.

Written by: Slusiom

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