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I am delighted to share the most recent updates in version 0.1.15A. I have implemented several additions, corrections, and changes to improve the user experience. Below, I detail the most relevant aspects:


  • Jazzmin Event: I’ve included a new presentation event for Jazzmin.
  • Dianne Event: I’ve completed the event with Dianne in Veronica’s apartment that requires strength.
  • Time Functionality: Now you can wait until the desired time from home, by playing the console in the living room.
  • Masturbation mechanic: I introduce a new mechanic that allows you to masturbate with a character in the jacuzzi once you meet him, using Mark’s imagination.
  • Save Spaces: I’ve added up to 24 new spaces to save and load games.
  • Event Notifications: I’ve implemented new notifications for available events, including night events.
  • Limits Mechanic: I’ve added a functionality where Mark automatically falls asleep if his tiredness warnings are ignored. Note: This function has been cancelled as it considerably limited gameplay.
  • Travel Time: Now, the travel time for movements is displayed in minutes.
  • Autosave: I’ve implemented an autosave system that will run each time you complete an event and at certain checkpoints.
  • Dialogue Interface: I’ve redesigned the dialogue system interface to improve readability on mobile devices.
  • Conversations System: I’ve created a new conversation system (in testing) with the aim of providing a greater sense of life and immersion in dialogues.


  • Katta Event: I fixed an error that prevented the Karma system progress with the Katta character from being saved.
  • Character Loading: I fixed a loading error with the progress of the Lily, Katta, Dianne, and Jazzmin characters.
  • Travel Error: I fixed an error that blocked the ability to travel before finishing the Jazzmin event, leaving you trapped in the coffee shop street.
  • Conversations System: I fixed an error that prevented up to half of the images from being seen when a problem occurred.
  • Loading Notifications: I fixed an error in the notifications displayed during map loading.
  • QCars Time and Distance: I fixed an error in the time and distance of QCars.
  • Game Start: I fixed errors when starting a new game that kept erroneous values in the job (Pinger) and incorrect data on vehicles from other games.
  • Vehicle Information Panel: I corrected an error that allowed selling and viewing information even without having a vehicle purchased.
  • Jazzmin Event: I fixed an error that showed the Jazzmin presentation event as available when it was not yet completed.
  • Performance and Loading: I’ve made improvements in performance and loading times.
  • Interface Design: I’ve made corrections and improvements in the interface design.


  • Vehicle Prices: I’ve reduced vehicle prices by 30%.
  • Texts and Interface: I’ve made minor corrections in the texts and the interface.
  • Acknowledgements: I’ve updated the acknowledgements.

I appreciate your continued support and look forward to receiving your feedback for future improvements. 💜💜💜

I am finishing the last tests and soon the Patreons will have the latest version available on Windows and Android.

Written by: Slusiom

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